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Picking the Very Best Wedding Entertainment for Your Wedding

Posted by Charles Powers on 19 May 2011

Think about how often you hear music in your everyday life. Chances are, you hear music on the radio and on the television. Chances are, you may even hear a song or two in your mind as you go through your day. Music is vital to our lives, and in many ways, it narrates our lives. All too often, we can convey our emotions with song quicker than we can in words. Often, we feel that songs represent us in each moment in our lives. This is why music is so very important for your wedding. How could you leave out a song on one of the most important days of your life? If you have been overlooking the entertainment in your wedding plans, then you need to stop right now and start choosing.

If you wait too late, you could miss out on booking the right entertainment for your wedding ceremony. Chances are, the groups you may be considering book up quickly. This is why you should start choosing early. How do you choose the very best wedding entertainment? There are many things that you can ask yourself that will make the choice much easier. Ask yourself the following questions about your wedding plans and you can choose the right entertainment.

What type of ceremony am I having? Whether it is casual or formal, outside or indoors, classic or modern, will have an effect on the music that you choose. Make sure you have a good idea of the type of wedding and then you can pick the best entertainment more easily.

Do I have a certain song or type of music I want included? There may be a special song that you would like performed at your ceremony simply because it means something special to you and your significant other. You may choose a specific type of music, such as classical.

Do I want two different entertainment options for my ceremony and my reception? This is a good way to choose different types of music for each part of the event, and you may want to include a DJ for the reception but live music for the ceremony.

Choosing the very best entertainment for your wedding is vital to the whole ceremony. Music is such an important part of our lives so it should be important for your special day as well. If you ask yourself these questions, you will find it much easier to choose the right entertainment.

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How To Come Up With An Excellent Best Man Speech.

Posted by Charles on 15 May 2011
best man + friend

Image by Francesco Rachello via Flickr

What should you say about the person who is your best friend? This is the dilemma you may find yourself in when you’re a best man in your friend’s wedding. Although the task might seem daunting at first, a little effort and a few tips will help you deliver a best man speech that makes the day a memorable one.

Thinking about your friend as a person is the first thing you should do. What makes the two of you work as friends? This will be important in deciding what to talk about. Remember that this day is about your friend, it is important that you stay sincere. While you think about that, try to remember some stories about the groom that illustrate what has made him a good friend.

Make sure that your stories are appropriate for all ages, and for the setting, of course. After all it’s not everyday that you get to be the best man at you friend’s wedding. Punchy anecdotes adds soul to a speech and evokes laughter from the guests.

Jot down some of the best personality traits that comes to your mind once you have settled on a story. Is your friend the kind of person who is always there for his friends? Is he funny? Is he mellow? Remember the points so that you can incorporate them in you speech. Like any other speech, first sentence of a best man speech is usually the hardest to write. Having these observations on paper can help you start your speech with a sincere and respectful tone. How did you meet your friend?, Since when do you know him? The answers to those questions should be your base, share the qualities and personality traits that make him a great person.

Remember that you are speaking to congratulate your friend on his choice, so a kind word toward the bride or an expression of encouragement on the marriage is in order. Even if you mentioned it earlier you should also convey this sentiment at the end. This way, any anecdote you share in the center of the speech serves to add to the point of a best man speech rather than detract from it.

Read your speech out loud to yourself once you have finished it. Notice the duration of the speech. A speech that is too long may lose people’s attention so try to keep from rambling. Practice reading the speech so that you will be ready when the time comes to toast your friend at his weddingWhen the time comes, take a breath, raise your glass, and relax. You’ve already done the hardest part.

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Tips On Choosing A Short Wedding Dress For A Summer Themed Wedding

Posted by Charles on 16 April 2011
Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love

Image by epSos.de via Flickr

Are you planning a summer wedding? If so, then you need a short wedding dress. Not all short dresses are the same so you’ll need to understand about the diverse styles and fabrics to determine which dress will look best on you! Read this short guide to acquire an understanding of a variety of styles and fabrics of short bridal gowns and sundresses.

A shorter dress is ideal for a summer wedding. Whether or not you’re going to get married on the beach, you’ll still want to go with a small wedding dress to go with the season. There are numerous colors and styles to choose from, although you should stick to whatever flatters your body type the most. Make the larger parts of your body appear smaller and make the smaller parts appear larger. The perfect dress will create a nice balance.

A summer wedding dress doesn’t have to be all white. You are able to add a splash of color. Whether it’s a pink ribbon, orange sash, or colorful sequins, you can generate a colorful wedding outfit. Make sure all the colors go well together. Everything, including the dress and accessories need to match in order for your outfit to be complete.

The dress should be soft and breathable. You do not need to sweat or feel uncomfortable on the biggest day of one’s life with ideas from wedding lush. You obviously won’t want a long train, either. Heavily textured fabrics need to be avoided.

Select a brief wedding dress made out of any of the following:

Chiffon – delicate and transparent. Just do not pick a layered chiffon dress

Batiste – an extremely lightweight, transparent fabric

Crepe – a thin and light fabric having a crinkled, yet soft surface

Charmeuse – a semi-lustrous fabric that feels like satin

Damask – somewhat similar to brocade, except that it is woven to become much lighter

Duchesse satin – a lightweight of polyester and silk woven into a satin-like finish

Wear a dress that reflects your personality with a perfect veil for your wedding dress. It will be fun and flirty or sexy and chic. It could be an old fashioned summer dress or a modern cocktail dress. You can find numerous designs to opt for, so you can simply uncover one that suits your personal taste and that looks excellent on you!

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Planning Your Wedding Holiday

Posted by Charles on 11 April 2011
Wedding Photos

Image by Mulsanne via Flickr

Many travel agents can get you experienced wedding managers to set up the holiday wedding for you. So arranging the special day abroad doesn’t need to be fraught or complicated.

Anyone thinking about a romantic wedding overseas will want to know every aspect has been thought of, from the champagne reception in the starry sky, right down to the last wine glass, so follow these guidelines on how best to book a luxury wedding holiday.

The normal all inclusive holiday package for a wedding overseas will often include the following: A professional wedding coordinator, an administrator to organize a marriage license, a celebrant ( doesn’t have to be religious ) to do the ceremony, seating and waiting organization for your guests, a cake and the decor, such as the flowers. Also you could include photographs , your wedding DVD, a DJ, dinner for the special couple and the reception for the guests.

Make sure to discuss your personal preferences in full early on . You wouldn’t want to be disappointed later, and also, asking as many questions as possible is a good way to show just how professional the company is before parting with your money. Of course, the more elaborate your wedding holiday, the more money you should expect to pay, so make sure to budget cautiously, accounting for all costs.

Be ready though, that if you do pass all the arrangements over to an administrator abroad , you will not get a package dedicated just to you. What you save in terms of stress and hassle, you could surrender in terms of individuality. If you want something really unique , it’s up  to you, but there may be a certain amount of flexibility in some packages. If you want more control, talk directly with the hotel, or find a local wedding planner.

Whichever way you choose to do it, it’s usually encouraged that clients book their wedding ceremony at the same time as booking their vacation. Weather is relevant of course and seasons must be taken into account. Just because you’re getting married in the Caribbean doesn’t mean guaranteed sunshine. The monsoon rains come each year and could make a wedding a wash out, so check such details before you book. nobody can tell for definite whether you’ll get a sunny day, so check what contingency plans could be put in place should rain start to fall.

Most couples like to join up the wedding abroad with a honeymoon, and sometimes a holiday for family and friends also. Make sure these bits and pieces are all tied up before making a commitment to the ceremony, so that it’s not too late to get out should the destination or operator fail to meet all your exacting requirements.

It may not be the most romantic of topics, but it is essential to check all legal requirements based on the destination of your choice. Visas or proof of residence may be needed as well. it’s a good idea to get in touch with the embassy of your country of choice to validate what paper work is needed. Make sure that you’re covered with travel insurance – not every policy covers weddings as well.

The majority of weddings abroad take place in hotels – a lot of operators have established relationships with the venues in question.

Don’t forget that you could always ask for an upgrade – it’s your honeymoon, so there is no need to be the shy, blushing bride when it’s down to getting what you want.

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Making Sure the Bride Has the Best Flowers

Posted by Charles on 10 April 2011
Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the many ways to showcase your wedding theme and color palette on your big day.  Finding the perfect flowers for your wedding– from the bridal bouquets to Dad’s boutonniere – will ensure that each of your other wedding accessories stand out!  Before a florist begins putting together the perfect flower arrangements of your dreams, make sure both of you share the same vision for your wedding day, as well as your range for your budget.  Flowers can be one of your most expensive wedding accessories, but they do not have to take over your wedding budget.

Here are a few of the questions every bride-to-be needs to ask her florist before she signs a vendor contract:

  1. How long have they been doing wedding arrangements?  Just like your DJ or band and caterer or reception hall, you want to make sure your florist is experienced in creating wedding arrangements.  This may also give you an early indication of the florist’s price point.
  2. What style of wedding does the florist specialize in?  You want a florist whose style matches yours.  When you picture your dream day, is the theme romantic or modern?  Traditional or unique to you?  Matching your style to your florists makes it easier to turn your dream into a reality.
  3. Can I see a portfolio or live samples of previous wedding arrangements?  This will give you an example of what the florist puts together for weddings.  The portfolio – or any arrangements the florist is currently working on – will reflect different bridal styles, but you should be able to find a trend in each of the pieces.  You can expect this trend to be mirrored in your arrangement.
  4. Is the florist familiar with your wedding ceremony and reception locations?  Having a florist who previously worked in your space is a definite plus!  This means the florist is familiar with the halls and it may inspire them to create unique arrangements to complement the particular architecture in your wedding ceremony or reception location.
  5. Does the florist charge a flat fee or a per-item fee?  If the florist charges a flat fee, be sure to ask what this includes – how many boutonnieres, wrist corsages, etc?  Does it cover a bridal bouquet and a tossing bouquet?  If you want to add on to the flat fee package, how much does each additional item cost?  These answers will immediately reveal if this florist is in your budget range or if you need to keep looking .  It will also let you know if the florist rents items, such as aisle runners and wedding candles or candle holders that you may not need.  Some wedding packages include a lot of wedding day add-ons you may want to personalize by purchasing elsewhere or use family heirlooms.  Other financial questions to consider include the required deposit and when the remaining balance is due.
  6. Can the florist work with a tight budget?  This is a great insight into your florist’s creativity!  If they excitedly show you in season flowers that will perfectly complement your wedding colors and theme – then you’ve found your florist!  Do not feel awkward about asking this question, the florist knows you have a budget – and whose budget isn’t tight these days? – they don’t want to drain your bank account any more than you do.
  7. How far in advance will your arrangements be made?  If the arrangements are created too far in advance, they may wilt during your ceremony or reception.  You want healthy blooms that can stand up to the test of photo flashes, hot lights and a long day.
  8. When will the flowers be delivered and is there a delivery fee?  You want to make sure the flowers will be delivered before the ceremony begins so someone will be available to receive the arrangements.
  9. How many other weddings is the florist doing that weekend and what is the maximum number of weddings the florist will commit to in one weekend?  This question gives you insight into whether the florist will overbook and how much time he or she will most likely spend on your arrangement.
  10. When does the florist need a final table count?  When creating centerpieces and other wedding table decorations, the florist will need to know the final number of tables in your wedding reception hall.  With late RSVP-ers and other last minute changes, your table numbers may be fluctuating for a while.  This will give you a good idea how flexible the florist will be.

Answers to these questions will give you a clear idea about the florist’s skills , flexibility and price range .  Most important of all, have fun – and dare we say – take time to smell the flowers!

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